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 Areas we will study in our evaluation may include:
Many clubs today are dealing with a business climate that is not "business as usual." Tough times disrupt productivity and team performance. In the face of this reality, strong club leaders must inspire productive performance and communicate effectively and credibly. They must also evaluate every part of their operations and find every method to streamline the club when membership numbers fall.
Successful club leaders must often take a hard look at current processes and make tough decisions to guide their clubs from the current bleak reality to its desired future state. Crisis Planning and swift action must be taken or the club will find itself putting for double bogey.
We can help you identify the areas in your operation that may be costing you valuable resources or not benefitting your membership for the dollars you are spending. 
We take a fast and thorough look at your operation and make the recommendations that you need to survive. We help implement those recommendations to insure your success.
Labor and Leadership - On a dollar-for-dollar basis, personnel actions are some of the most costly decisions that clubs make. Most experts advise taking a particularly prudent approach to personnel during times of economic hardship. Try to put off new hires if you're under the gun, but don't hesitate to cut loose team members who show no signs of being able to carry their weight.
Marketing Program - Doing nothing in a weak economy means your competition is beating you by 150%!
Accounting & Billing Practices - Are systems and methods bogging down your receivables?
Price Points- Where do you fit in the market for the product and price? Is it time to be creative in getting more revenue?  Are there revenue sources you are not capitalizing on?
Turf Care- How green is your course? Can you save big dollars with a less without affecting quality? 

Fix the Leaks - How much food, labor and other valuable resources can you really save by eliminating waste? You might be surprised. When times are good, it's easy to overlook the problems caused by letting things slide. When cash flow is sufficient, the income leaks poor practices create just seem like trickles. It's not until times get tight that we realize we've actually created gushers
Strategies - Make cuts with a strategic focus. Removing programs that are less attended makes more sense than ones where everyone us using.
Planning for the upswing- Success in moving forward with a sound Master Plan for you club.
Reputation Management-How the public perceives your club doing in bad times will have an impact on your future when things change for the good.
Promoting an Engaging Culture- Employee and members want to be a part of a lively business. A positive attitude is just as contagious as a negative one. 
Communication- Managing the rumor mill- Your members and employees need to know your plans and there may be a better method! It will return the confidence and trust in your members and staff if they know you are doing something.
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